VIP Vehicle Design VIP Vehicle Armoring Vehicle Design for Disabled/Elderly People
Prestige, Comfort and Security


GTI VIP Design offers professional solutions to add prestige, comfort and safety to your vehicle.

Aiming at the satisfaction of our customers all over the world, we are designing the prestigious VIP vehicles that provide high level of comfort and safety in the most suitable way according to their purpose of use thanks to our 25 years of experience.

Why Us?


First-class Design of VIP Vehicle with over 20 years of experience in the automotive sector.


GTI, founded in Istanbul in 1997 with the goal of manufacturing armored vehicles, in a short time has taken a leading position in its field thanks to the success it achieved in its sector and has become one of the best suppliers of the leading organizations in our country. Over time, the company laid the foundations for GTI VIP Design, having decided to expand its specialization in the field of safety in the automotive sector by developing solutions with regard to prestige and comfort.


Today, GTI offers to its customers its experience in prestige, safety and comfort in all of its projects, providing professional services for vehicle armoring, design of VIP-vehicles, vehicles for disabled and elderly people.


Our company, thanks to its approach to its world-class design of VIP-vehicles, responds to the demands coming from the country and abroad with its brand name "GTI VIP Design" at its head office in Istanbul.

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